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Red Bull UK X The Nuel Partnership Deal

Not that long ago Red Bull UK has announced its new partnership deal with The Nuel.

This partnership implies a full support of collegiate esports and gaming across the UK. That, in turn, is supposed to boost the fans’ awareness and build up the success of both the upcoming and passed esports events.

Red Bull UK is aimed to help students across the country to improve their esports gaming skills by providing them with necessary equipment, invitations to major tournaments and some workshop opportunities. The brand has already announced its first workshop that will take place as a part of the partnership deal – Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London. And another event this year will be LANdon that will depict a beginning of a collaboration between The Nuel and several London-based universities.

Josh Williams, Founder and Managing Director of The NUEL, was quite positive about the partnership implementation and commented:

“Red Bull UK shares our vision for supporting the development of student esports, so we’re delighted to be working even more closely with them to create exciting new experiences. We will continue working with Red Bull UK to develop new opportunities to help students grow, build communities, and have fun.”

The Nuel, however, was already familiar with Red Bull UK as they’ve worked on the common project alongside Riot Games during the Riot Games Student Summit. The workshop was fully dedicated to educating students about the essence of esports and teaching them new techniques.

Other projects

Generally speaking, Red Bull has always been interested in working with the Riot Games corporation. Thus, this year it became an official partner of its League of Legends number of events.

As a part of the partnership deal, Red Bull became a partner of the World Championship, Mid-Season Invitational, and All-Star Event.

Naz Aletaha, Head of Global Esports Partnerships and Business Development for Riot Games, mentioned:

“Red Bull has been a long-time supporter of sports, esports, and gaming. Their deep understanding and appreciation of gaming culture and their desire to continually raise the bar for fans makes them an ideal partner. League of Legends esports is a global, multifaceted sports and entertainment property committed to innovating and shaping the future of sports, and we look forward to breaking the mold with Red Bull.”

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