You select the order, pick them up, and deliver them to the customer. Favor offers both part and full-time work, and the site claims to offer flexible work schedules. The app pays weekly, but you can get funds whenever you wish through the Cash app they attach to your account. For example, if you accept a $100 order you will receive $12.50 for your time, plus tips. Shipt isn’t as widely available as Instacart, but still operates in 5,000 cities throughout the country, and is growing fast. DoorDash is one of the top delivery companies in the space.

So if you want to work full time and make $3,000+ each month, it’s a great option for quick cash. Not all delivery service apps are available in all U.S. cities. Make sure the services of the delivery app are offered in your region .

Right now, because of the coronavirus and lack of demand for Uber and Lyft drivers, it’s never been a better time to drive for delivery. Drivers are making hundreds of dollars per week, but you’ll want to sign up sooner rather than later to get started. What makes Pickup Point one of the best delivery services to work for is that it offers detailed training videos to help improve your performance. On the East Coast that allows for same-day delivery of items ordered by customers. It’s similar to Instacart, but you can schedule a shift and also start driving whenever you want. Deliveries are paid based on waiting time and mileage, plus the Blitz price-multiplier will be activated at times of high demand, increasing earnings potential.

Doordash Requirements

DoorDash also gives a preview, which is less informative, but covers some of the basics . Regulations require that all retailer drivers be 21+ years of age, and have a valid driver’s license, registration, and auto insurance. This consists of the driver base pay, any peak pay bonuses, and a customer tip. One main difference with this app is that you’re given order uss express working days numbers instead of telling the restaurant you’re there to pick up a specific meal. That qualifies it to be considered the best food delivery service to work for. Postmates is a delivery app that lets you deliver food to customers, but also alcohol, dry cleaning, and more. The app shows all the information you need before accepting an order, including earnings.

However, what makes this platform interesting is that you can make money even if you don’t have access to a vehicle. Gopuff delivery drivers earn up to $21+ per hour and are hired as independent contractors.

Uber Eats

You’ll accept orders from the app, do all the shopping, and deliver the orders right to the customer’s door. Because this job type has more flexibility, there is more room to create efficiencies and productivity hacks. Uber Eats operates in over 500 cities across the United States. You can earn between $8 and $15 per hour delivering for Uber Eats with a flat amount per pick-up uss express working time and drop-off. Depending on the city in which you’re driving, you may also get a per-mile/minute rate, and you also get to keep 100% of the tips. Instacart is a delivery service which connects buyers with Personal Shoppers to shop and deliver groceries and other items from many favorite stores . Get my ultimate list of resources for rideshare and delivery drivers.

  • You’ll then need to deliver the order to the customer’s location.
  • You have a lot more control over what and where you deliver than working for one company.
  • Unlike restaurant delivery services, you must have a car to work for Instacart.
  • Like many of these other delivery apps, Postmates also allows you to deliver orders by bike as well.
  • Favor calls themselves “personal assistants”, not delivery drivers.

The service is available nationwide and drivers can get paid $23 per hour while on a delivery. Favor says they’re personal assistants, not just delivery drivers. You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s review license. You can also deliver merchandise if you have a bike or motorcycle in some locations. Grubhub pays slightly more than other platforms – $3.25 per delivery, plus $0.50 per mile driven, according to their website.

Favor Delivery

Favor calls themselves “personal assistants”, not delivery drivers. Similar to other food delivery services, you set your own schedule. After selecting an order, you do the shopping, and deliver the items. However, Caviar does not have a transparent payment structure. The company calculates pay using an “effort based” algorithm. GrubHub is another choice for the best food delivery service to work for.

Best Delivery Apps Compared

Dashers aren’t limited to working in their hometown either. They can also pick up deliveries in cities they may be visiting. If needed, we’re happy to review your application with an ASL interpreter. Become a Shipt Shopper and earn money while you shop and deliver in your community. Enjoy access to discounts on health care, GM vehicles, tires, cash advances, and more.


Alcohol delivery is a growing trend within the gig economy, and many delivery apps have started to integrate beer, wine, and liquor into their convenience menus. Before becoming a Caviar courier, you will need to pass a background check and have been driving for at least two years. All order delivery information, including earnings, pick-up point, and destination, is made available on the driver app before accepting the order.

Minimum Requirements

Since Caviar works with more expensive restaurants, drivers are typically paid well. If Caviar is of interest to you, check out the following pros and cons of becoming a Caviar courier before selecting this option from the list.

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